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Friday, March 20, 2009

What is the difference between Object Oriented Programming and Procedural Programming?

Procedural programming creates a step by step program that guides the application through a sequence of instructions. Each instruction is executed in order. Procedural programming also focuses on the idea that all algorithms are executed with functions and data that the programmer has access to and is able to change. Object-Oriented programming is much more similar to the way the real world works; it is analogous to the human brain. Each program is made up of many entities called objects. Objects become the fundamental units and have behavior, or a specific purpose, associated with them. Objects cannot directly access another object’s data. Instead, a message must be sent requesting the data, just like people must ask one another for information; we cannot see inside each other’s heads. Benefits of Object-Oriented programming include:

  • ability to simulate real-world event much more effectively
  • code is reusable thus less code may have to be written
  • data becomes active
  • better able to create GUI (graphical user interface) applications
  • programmers are able to reach their goals faster
  • Programmers are able to produce faster, more accurate and better-written applications (in the case of a veteran programmer, by a factor of as much as 20 times compared with a procedural program).

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